Referring Employee To Occupational Health

Injured workers may also be referred for other services including Specialty.

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Check only if applicable We are not a health care provider so when we conduct the risk assessment we consider employees to have occupational exposure if. A management referral is made when there are concerns regarding the health of employees and the manager requires an independent opinion on the employees'. Controls whether these.

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As part of their package, this escalation should be communicated to you with costs so that you are able to understand the reasons and give approval. Pre-employment checks to ensure that you meet basic job requirements Occupational health checks Confirmation of registrations with professional bodies. As a general rule, where employees were found to have made false claims regarding sickness or injury, there seems to be only a few of these providers. Occupational health Health and safety UNISON National.

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WHAT WILL HAPPEN AND HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE An Occupational Health doctor will see staff who have been referred and your first appointment with the doctor could last up to half an hour The doctor will take a medical and occupational history from you and on some occasions may require to carry out a limited examination.

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