About Us

We love the convenience that dispensers offer. Dispensers are hygienic, and they provide measured amounts of product so they are money savers. These handy tools make life easier for all of us. 

Our mission for this site is to provide readers with the factual details of the different dispensers available. Water dispensers, whipped cream dispensers, olive oil dispensers, honey dispensers, and every type of dispenser that you can use in and around your home will be examined and reviewed.

It is our desire for everyone to know the different types of dispensers that are available, where to find them, how to use them, and tips and tricks to get more out of them. We do not just want to give a report of what dispensers are available, we want our readers to understand the units, and feel like they have learned valuable information by reading our reviews and informational articles.

In order to accomplish this goal, we have assembled a wide variety of professionals who use the different dispenser types in their day to day professional lives. We have top chefs that are willing to review food dispensers and kitchen implements. These chefs will provide our readers with their take on which dispensers do what they are designed to do, and which dispensers they would choose to have in their own home.

We asked these chefs if they could also give us tips on how to use the dispensers in the most productive way. They agreed that through their use of these items they have learned tips and tricks that help them get more from their tools. The chefs promised us that they would share their secrets to help our readers get the most from each of the dispenser types we write about.

We are excited about those tips and tricks because they will allow our readers to save money, save time, and get the most use out of the items they buy. We all have kitchen gadgets and tools that we have purchased and used once or twice then stored in a cupboard. We do not want any of our readers buying another gadget that they end up putting in a cupboard and never using.

We want our readers to have kitchen tools, and around the house dispensers that they use every day and that they feel like they have enhanced their lives. We are not trying to sell dispensers. We are trying to educate our readers so they can have items in their homes that are useful, reliable, and able to reduce the workload.

We will write comprehensive articles concerning the various types of dispensers available. In these articles, we will detail the ways to use the item, the pros and cons of the items, and the tips and tricks that professionals have learned about the items.

We will post detailed reviews describing various brands of dispensers, their features, and the things that make them desirable. We do not just want to tell you a list of dispenser names. We want to tell you what makes each one of the products unique, interesting, and useful so you can determine which item would be best for your home use.

We are dispenser geeks and believe that our lives would be more complicated if we did not have these gadgets around. Consider soap dispensers that you use in your bathrooms and kitchens. These tools eliminate the need for you to keep a bar of soap that is covered in germs on your counter. All you have to do is touch the top of the container and soap is dispensed into your hands. By using these dispensers:

  • You get a measured amount so your children do not use too much soap. 
  • You get a container that can be wiped down and sanitized so there are less germs being shared in your home. 
  • You get an attractive container that adds to the beauty of the room it is used in.

These facts, and many more like them, are applicable to the majority of dispensers. We simply want to share our love of these devices and the knowledge that we have gathered concerning them.

If we improve the quality of life or reduce the workload for just one reader then we will feel like a success.