Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers Reviews in 2021

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A bottom loading water dispenser is a great tool for your home, office, recreation room, camper, and more. They provide you with clean drinking water that does not require you to drink from environmentally hazardous plastic containers.

These devices offer hot and cold water so you can quickly make a cup of tea or a hot cup of cocoa in the winter. They are convenient, user-friendly, and they help you to maintain good health and encourage you to drink more water, and water-based drinks.

The best part is a bottom loading unit does not require you to lift a five-gallon bottle of water and flip it upside down to set it in place.

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers 2021 Reviews

1. Avalon A4BLWTRCLR Water Dispenser, 3- or 5-Gallon Bottle

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With this water dispenser, you can stop fighting with the big water bottles when you are struggling to load them onto your dispenser. It is a bottom loading device that only requires you to lift the water jug up high enough to get it inside the bottom door of the cabinet.

It is a self-cleaning unit so you do not have to worry about germs or bacteria. This device uses the Ozone self-cleaning feature that requires you to do nothing more than press a button and tell the machine when you want it to clean itself.

You will be offered water at three temperatures from this unit. It creates room temperature water, hot water, or cold refreshing drinking water. Do not worry if you have small children in the house, because this unit has a child safety lock feature for the hot water dispenser. You can rest assured that when the safety lock is engaged your child will not burn themselves on the piping hot water.

This dispenser has a night light that makes it easier to get a drink in dim or dark rooms. You will always be sure that the water you are getting is coming from the right spot, and that you do not overfill your container because you could not clearly see how much liquid was in it.

2. Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser

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The black stainless steel of the cabinet on this bottom loading water dispenser makes it elegant, beautiful, durable, and practical. This is a device that is both UL approved and energy star approved.

It dispenses three temperatures of water. Hot water comes from one spout for your hot teas, coffee, cocoa, and more. Cold refreshing water is available so you can have a chilled drink on a hot day. You can also get room temperature water for giving to your pets, your plants, drinking, or anything else you want to use it for.

The hot water spout has a child safety lock feature built into it. This safety lock will prevent the spout from dispensing hot water when it is engaged. This is a fantastic feature if you have children or elderly individuals in your home that could be easily burned by really hot water.

This bottom loading hot cold water dispenser has a self-cleaning feature so it stays sanitary and germ-free but you do not have to do a lot of extra work. It uses the ozone cleaning feature technology to sanitize itself when you feel that it is necessary.

The dispenser is lighted so you can get a cup of water in the dark without turning on overhead lights.

3. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler and Dispenser – Model: A3BLK – Self Cleaning

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There are three different water temperatures dispensed from this unit. You have total control of what temperature you use and can create cold refreshing drinks, room temperature drinks for people with sensitive teeth, and piping hot drinks like coffee and tea.

The hot water is protected by a child safety lock feature. This feature allows you to be confident that small children will not activate the hot water and burn themselves, but that you can have the hot water ready when you want it.

You will not have to struggle to clean this device. It has a built-in self-cleaning feature that allows it to sanitize itself and remain clean and hygienic. The sanitizing feature stops germs and bacteria from being able to grow in or on any of the dispenser mechanisms or working parts.

This dispenser does have a light that clearly illuminates the water spouts so you do not have to worry about overfilling a cup or using the wrong spout in dim light situations.

You can use either the three-gallon or the five-gallon water jugs in this stainless-steel cabinet. The dispenser is stainless and black so it looks great with any décor.

4. Brio Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser – Essential Series – 3 Temperature Settings

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You have the option of getting hot water, cold water, or room temperature water dispensed through this unit. It is a sleek stainless and black cabinet, that houses water in convenient three or five-gallon size jugs so you can have as little or as much water as you want.

The cooler is almost maintenance free. It is capable of telling you when the water level in the jug is getting low and needs replacing. It also has a child safety lock that can be used to prevent accidents from happening. Hot water can burn delicate skin, so engaging the child safety lock will prevent burns of children, visitors who may not know which spout emits hot water, and anyone else that uses your machine.

This is a water cooler and dispenser that is easy to install and requires no plumbing. It is easy to use and provides you with fresh water that tastes great, and is free of contaminants and dirt particles.

The device has been safety tested and is both Ul approved and energy star approved. It has a sleek design that looks attractive, and since you load from the bottom you do not have to struggle with a heavy bottle of water when it is time to refill it.

5. Avalon A6 Touchless Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser – Hot & Cold Water

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This beautiful water cabinet is capable of dispensing water at a cold temperature of 470F. It can dispense hot water at an amazing temperature of 1850F. The spouts that are utilized to get the water are brightly colored red and blue so it is easy to identify the cold spout from the hot water spout.

Even though the hot water spout is clearly marked on this unit the manufacture still installed a child safety lock that prevents the hot water from being emitted when the lock is employed. Your entire family can use the dispenser without you worrying about their safety.

The cabinet of this cooler is sleek and attractive. It will look handsome in either a home or commercial setting. Using this device will allow you to provide family and coworkers with safe drinking water without contributing to the amount of plastic waste collecting in landfills. It is an environmentally friendly water source.

The unit is compatible with the three and five-gallon jugs of water manufactured for water coolers. You can use any brand of water that you like.

There is a night light that allows you to get water in dim situations without overflowing your cup. There is also a filter indicator light that is activated when it is time to change the filter.

6. Primo – Easy Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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You can use any brand of water that you prefer with this water dispensing device. It takes jugs that hold up to three-gallons and jugs that hold up to five-gallons so it is great for small families and larger families both. It also comes with coupons to save you money on your first water purchase if you buy Primo water to use in your Primo dispenser.

This unit is housed in a stylish black stainless cabinet. It resists fingerprints and is very easy to clean. It is durable and will last a long time because stainless does not rust and corrode like many other metals.

You do not have to do any plumbing to install this device. You need to set the cabinet up close to an electrical outlet. Then you fill the unit with water by placing a jug of water specially designed for water coolers in the bottom secti8on of the cabinet behind the door that conceals it.

Cleaning this item is a bit tricky, but this article will definitely help you to do this job done easily: how to clean the Primo water dispenser.

You get hot and cold water from this device for refreshingly cold drinks or to help you make hot beverages, instant soups, and even those hot water needed cold remedies. The spout that dispenses hot water has a child safety feature that you can engage so that it does not pour hot water out by simply pushing a button.

7. Brio Moderna Self Cleaning Bottom Load Hot, Cold & Room Water Cooler

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You are accustomed to seeing water dispensers that are capable of giving you hot or cold water. This unit goes beyond that and gives you hot or cold water according to the temperature you select. The water can be as cold as 390F but you can turn the temp up a little if you prefer it a little warmer. The hot can be as hot as 1740F but you can adjust that temperature to make slightly less hot if that is what you like. At last a water dispenser allows you to decide what your perfect temperature is for hot and cold beverages.

Even though you are in control of hot the water dispensed will be people with small children will love the fact that the hot water dispenser has a child safety lock. Once the lock is engaged you will have to release the lock dispensing button before the machine will allow hot water to be provided.

There is a convenient night light that illuminates the area where the water is dispensed.

This is a self-cleaning device. The cabinet has a button that you can push to cause the unit to self-clean and sanitize. You get to select when this cleaning cycle is performed because the dispenser cannot be used for 90 minutes after the cleaning button is pushed.

8. LeMuna Water Dispenser- Bottom Loading Water Cooler for 3- or 5-Gallon Bottle

This water dispenser has three separate water spouts that emit water that has been chilled or heated to different temperatures. You choose between the coldest water, a room temperature water selection, or heated water. The hot water can get as hot as 1940F so the cabinet has a child safety feature that will allow you to lock the hot water spout and prevent it from giving hot water unless the lock button is released. This is a great feature for any home that has a small child or toddler living there or that has small children who visit them.

You will find this unit is convenient for small families like couples, and it is also convenient for larger families. If you use the three-gallon jugs of water because you are single or there are only two of you living in the home when your family comes for a visit you can buy a five-gallon jug of water and almost double the amount of water that is available. For many older clients, the convenience of being able to use the 3-gallon jug of water that weighs only 24 pounds instead of the five-gallon jug that weighs 40 pounds is priceless.

9. SOOPYK Bottom Loading Bottled Water Dispenser

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This white bottom loading water dispenser is a durable device that will allow you to have fresh water that you like the taste of and that you know is safe for your family to consume. We make drinks from water in our homes every day. Coffee, tea, cocoa powder, cool water that we add fruit flavors to, and simply glasses of water. This dispenser lets you have the three temperatures of water you use the most and makes creating those hydrating liquids easy, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

With the water dispenser you do not have to give your children bottled water that adds to the plastics that are thrown away each day. You do not have to worry that the plastic bottle they are drinking from is BPA free or contaminated in any other way. You get to choose their drinking vessels and whether they are reusable.

There is a child safety lock feature to stop small children from having access to the hot water. The unit is loaded from the bottom with three-gallon or five-gallon bottles so it does not require great strength to refill, and is suitable for households of only one or two people.

10. HomeLabs Stainless Steel Bottom Load Water Dispenser

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This dispenser actually has an alert that it sounds when the water container inside the cabinet needs to be replaced. You never have to worry about forgetting to refill the cooler, or whether you have enough water to last for a few days. The dispenser will let you know.

It can be refilled using a small bottle that has only three-gallons of liquid, or using a larger container that has five-gallons of liquid. You can choose the brand of water that you prefer the most and that is most available in your area.

Of course, it dispenses three water temperatures. Hot water for delicious beverages, cold water for refreshing drinks, and room temperature water for those people who cannot tolerate hot or cold waters. It also has a child safety lock that keeps small children from being able to injure themselves with hot liquid.

There is a night light to illuminate the area where the water is dispensed. You do not have to worry about engaging the wrong spout or overfilling your water container.

All of this technology is packaged in an attractive cabinet made of stainless that will not rust or corrode.

More Articles:

How to Choose the Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

If you have been considering a bottom loading water dispenser there are few things to consider before you buy. You want to know the common features these devices offer so you can choose which features will be best suited to your use of the item.

Child Safety Locks

If you have small children in your home you want to get a dispenser that offers child safety locks. These locks will lock the hot water tap so your child cannot accidentally burn themselves with hot water.

What Size Bottle the Dispenser can Accommodate

Most refill bottles of water come in three-gallon containers and in five-gallon containers. You want to know what size container your dispenser will be able to handle.

Temperature Settings

These units can come with a variety of temperature settings. Some of them produce cold water only. Some produce hot water and cold water. Some of them are capable of offering cool water, normal water, or hot water. You want to be sure you understand what temperatures the unit can serve the water at.

The Drip Tray

Almost every water dispenser has a drip tray to catch any spills or drips. Some dispensers will have drip trays that can be washed in the dishwasher to keep them clean and sanitary.

Cabinet Materials

The cabinets of these units can be fashioned from a lot of different materials. Many people like the stainless-steel cabinets because they are durable, sturdy, and they look nice.

The materials used in the design and creation of the cabinet will also play a large part in the shape and style. These items do not affect functionality but are considered to be personal preference items.

Night Lights

Some dispensers have night lights incorporated into their design so you can easily get a drink of water in the dark of night without turning on lights that might bother someone else in the house.

Self-Cleaning Abilities

Some of these dispensers have technology built into them so they are self-cleaning. This allows your dispenser to stay clean, and purified so you stay healthier. The self-cleaning feature is a time saving feature that allows the cooler to always produce clean and hygienic water.

Bottle Replacement Notification

Some units will alert you when the water bottle is about to need to be changed. With this feature, you never have to worry about letting the water supply run out.

K-Cup Compatible

Many of these units can be used in conjunction with a K-cup that creates coffee, tea, cocoa, and even hot soups and some warm cold medications.

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser FAQ

How does a Bottom Load Water Dispenser Work?

Bottom loading dispensers have pumps that suction the water from the holding container or water refill bottle. You simply remove the seal that is on the water bottle and then place the bottle over the suction probe in the dispenser. When you have finished you need to press down on the water taps so the pump can be activated and start to suction up water.

How do you Clean a Bottom Loading Water Dispenser?

Keeping your water dispenser clean is recommended for health and safety. To clean one of these dispensers you want to be sure that you unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Then you remove the water bottle, so this is best if you do it when the bottle is empty and needs replacing. Mix your cleaning solution by putting a small amount into a water bottle. Add some water and shake the bottle to mix the two. Put the bottle on the dispenser and run the cleaning mixture through the device just like it was plain water. Then place a clean water bottle on the dispenser and run enough water through the unit to rinse away the cleaning agent residue.

How do you Install a Bottom Load Water Dispenser?

The installation of your bottom load water dispenser is easy. All you have to do is position the cooler where you want it to be located in the room. Then you lift the full bottle of water up and insert it into the opening at the bottom of the device. There is a probe there that the bottle of water should be positioned on. You align the bottle and make certain that the probe is centered in the bottle opening. Keep your fingers away from the underside of the bottle, and push with gentle pressure so the plug that is keeping the bottle seal is pushed away. The water from the bottle will flow into the cooler tank and you will see air bubbles.

Final Note

A bottom loading water dispenser is great for homes, camps, offices, churches, and other establishments. You do not have to lift the full bottle of water as high to load the dispenser so they are easier to refill and operate.

You can have fresh cool drinking water at your disposal without spending a lot of money, or creating a lot of waste from disposable plastic containers that drinking water is sold in.

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