Best Formula Dispensers in 2021

Our babies’ health should be the most important concern. That’s why quality plastic is such an important factor for formula dispensers. Any kind of plastic speeding the spread of bacteria or not being food-grade isn’t suitable for such dispensers. That’s why we focused on BPA-free food-grade plastic and found out the top picks. 

You should note that these are the best formula dispensers for hygienic values and factors like ease-of-use, high capacity, and zero mess. We have included some of your favorite brands as well as some expert-recommended options. 

Best Formula Dispenser 2021 Reviews

Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher

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Blue in color, it can contain 32 fl ounces of liquids inside. To create it, manufacturers used top-quality plastic, making it tough and good-looking.

The blade inside helps the formulas mix together at a fast phase without clumping up at the bottom. This blade has a stopper that one can adjust at any position. By stopping the blade to rise over the formulas, it can prevent much air to go inside the liquid.

The handle makes it easy to lift, and it has a comfortable grip. Its lid stays on the pitcher tightly to avoid any spilling. Meanwhile, the spout is also sized perfectly so that no liquid drips.

Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack

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It comes with two pieces of formula dispenser where one is for keeping the powered formula inside while the other is for 24 Oz of liquid formula.

Since the liquid dispenser has three compartments, one can separate eight oz in each to serve them at different times. Meanwhile, the powered formula dispenser can hold up to 8 oz.

The lids can be easily opened, and when closed, they make sure not to let any formula out even with high movement. Unlike Dr. Brown’s Pitcher, this item is suitable for use on quick trips.

The liquids can be prepared fast while making no mess. Available in pink and blue colors.

Philips Avent Powder Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup, Grey

Philips Avent Powder Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup

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This formula dispenser is also usable as a cup to drink anything. It does not have any BPA in its materials, making it safer to use.

The item will not get damaged while being washed. It is possible to detach the interior part of the dispenser. Each of these parts can hold 9 Oz of formula, making it able to contain a total of 27 Oz.

Even though the material for the item is plastic, it is highly durable. It can take more heat and is safe in the microwave unlike Munchkin Formula Dispenser . Not to mention, the rotating cap stays firmly on the body.

Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispenser, Blue

Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispenser

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Like Dr. Brown’s Pitcher, this item is also created with high-grade plastic without any harmful chemicals. It is possible to prepare enough milk to fill three bottles using this dispenser.

Its lid is Snap-On styled, making it keep the liquid securely inside. The spout is perfectly designed so that no milk spills.
You can stow 24 Oz of liquid contents inside the dispenser. Because of being small but tough, it’s a good item for traveling, which is not the case for Dr. Brown’s Pitcher.

It weighs only 3.04 pounds while empty. Meanwhile, the spout is totally created with silicone and will be easy for babies to keep in the mouth.

Munchkin Formula Dispenser, Blue

Munchkin Formula Dispenser

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Strong and well-designed, it can meet the need for outdoor usages. It is compact and small enough to carry in a handbag. Separated into three equal sections, the dispenser contains 27 Oz at max.

As the lid is pretty flexible and secure, whether it is powdered or liquid, it won’t come out. The design is so pretty, and the slim body makes it easier to hold.

The dispenser is safe from being washed with soaps. With the absence of BPA, the plastic used in it is top-notch. One can keep milk safely along with cereals in it. The spout is in the middle, so one can directly feed their baby from it, unlike Philips Formula Dispenser.

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Best Baby Formula Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

There are seemingly numerous kinds of formula dispensers available on the market these days. It makes it hard to decide which one is the right one to buy. Formula dispensers are essential when it comes to taking care of infants, so everyone should try to buy the one that suits them best.

Which dispenser is best for you can depend on many factors. But you don’t need to worry cause we are here to help you make that decision. Here are few things you need to look into when buying the right formula dispenser.


Essentially there are two types of formula dispensers. The manual one is your traditional dispenser, where you have to make the formula yourself.

The automatic formula dispensers are far more convenient as you don’t need to do everything all by yourself. Some of these automatic dispensers even let you control the temperature of the formula. Automatic dispensers can come with other features as well. 


The measurements can be a vital factor when using a formula dispenser. You need to keep in mind that you might have to carry it around in your bag. So, you have to make sure you pick a formula dispenser that’s compact enough to be easy to carry without sacrificing too much of its capacity.

Typically, the average dispenser diameter is around 3 inches, with the height being 6 to 10 inches. These dispensers can come with several compartments, which can determine the size as well.


Formula dispensers nowadays are easy to clean and reuse. Try to look for dispensers that don’t absorb the residue or odor left from the formula. Dishwasher-safe formula dispensers are very easy to find as well. Some of these can be controlled via Wi-Fi through your smartphone. Such features can be very handy in maintaining the dispensers. 


A child’s health can depend quite a lot on the material used in making these formula dispensers. There are, of course, certain restrictions the manufacturers have to follow, but still, you should keep an eye out.

Look for dispensers made of phthalate-free plastic. Chemical substances like BPA can also be harmful, so look out for those as well.

You’d expect your formula dispenser to be there for you through thick and thin. Hopefully, now that we’ve discussed all the necessary aspects of such dispensers, you should be able to buy right the formula dispenser for yourself.


While there are a lot of brands making newer dispensers for baby food and selling them at cheap rates, nothing beats the customer favorites that are the healthiest choices.

As a result, going for a very cheap item wouldn’t be the right choice if you don’t make sure it is safe for babies. If you are unaware of what to look for, check out the buying guide that will help you pick easily. 

All the items mentioned above are the best when it comes to ease of usage. You, as a parent or a caretaker, don’t have to do too much work with these excellent gadgets. 

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