Best Honey Dispensers of 2021

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I despise it when my hands get messy while using honey or maple syrup. Pretty much that is the primary reason for using a honey dispenser. But if my hands still get messy by cheap quality products, what’s the point of the dispenser? Whether or not it is your first time getting a honey dispenser, you don’t want to spend your cash on a poor-quality item, do you? 

The question now is determining which one is the right product. It can be tough to figure out while there are currently thousands of preferences available on different stores. I have collected a few of the products that I think are suitable for personal and commercial use. 

Best Hone Dispenser 2021 Reviews

Hunnibi Glass Dispenser with Stand Best Overall

Hunnibi Glass Dispenser with Stand

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If you are like me, you would not like to always open a jar, put a handle in, and then take out the honey or maple whenever you want some on your pancake. With Hunnibi’s glass dispenser, you don’t have to!

With this product, you do not have to wait for the honey, maple, or chocolate syrup to come out. All you have to do is pick the glass dispenser out and pull the small lever, which will spread out the elements evenly.

The glass stand on the bottom makes sure nothing gets wasted. Nothing ever gets messy because of its smart design. And due to it being made of glass and chrome-plated lid, any material you keep in there can preserve its taste and quality. 

The aesthetics of this item is also something to mention. The dispenser looks like a honeycomb and can be excellent as a home décor item.

The dispenser itself is quite lightweight when compared to most of the glass items you have previously used. It can serve up to 8 ounces or a cup of honey with one refill. 

This one is recommended for quality serving. If you want to have honey or maple easily without doing too many things, this is the right product. It can also be an excellent gift for its elegant appearance and peculiar design. 

  • Easy to install, fill, use and clean
  • High quality and sturdy stainless steel and glass materials
  • No Drip dispenser – nothing to worry about a mess
  • The price is reasonable
  • A bit smaller

Norpro Honey/Syrup DispenserRunner-Up

Norpro 780 Honey/Syrup Dispenser

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If you have trouble getting the right amount of honey on your pancakes, then The Norpro Honey Dispenser may attract your attention. It has a unique, beautiful beehive design that has to be appreciated.

Besides the beauty, the design has useful functionality to it. The lever pulling feature of this jar makes it stick out from other generic jars. 

This product is made from glass-like plastic, which makes it a very robust item. The trigger functionality is what makes this jar a unique must-have.

By pulling the trigger on the handle, the lever inside the jar gets pulled, allowing the contained honey or other syrup to dip from the bottom.

It makes for a very precise and hassle-free operation while dipping honey in your foods or milk in your coffee. After dipping the syrup, the jar has a base to sit in so that no amount of your syrup goes bad.

In addition to all the functionalities, the design alone can draw people towards it. The clear design makes for a good complement in any environment that it’s in.

It can be a good addition to all the household items in your kitchen or a little gift to loved ones. 

  • The handle and lid are chrome-plated
  • Dispensing is super easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable glass body
  • Not good for multifunction

CLEVLI Honey Dispenser2nd Runner-Up

CLEVLI Honey Dispenser

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This one is almost as same as the first item mentioned (Hunnibi Glass Dispenser with Stand).

Let’s compare it to the Hunnibi.

It is a bottom flow dispenser with a lever system that immediately dispenses. It also has an identical design when compared to Hunnibi’s dispenser and can serve 8 ounces of honey

When paralleled to this item, your usual jar dispenser will look bad in terms of ease of use. All you have to do is pull the lever. With this item, using honey, sugar, or any liquid toppings can be effortless.

The bottom jar is not only an addition to the item’s aesthetics but also serves well in terms of catching the leftover or a few drippings. 

Its beautiful design is admirable, but it is almost the same as the first item. It also has a plastic lid with chrome plating to make sure the taste does not get ruined.

But when you compare it to Hunnibi’s version, there are a few differences that can be counted as downsides. For example, it is 2 ounces heavier and does not look as good as the Hunnibi dispenser. 

If you want something like the Hunnibi dispenser at a cheaper rate, this can be your best choice. There are nearly no complaints about this item, and it can serve its purpose pretty well. 

  • No drip design, a kid can use it easily
  • Can be used for other liquids like oil, syrup, etc
  • Bottom stand included
  • Dishwasher safe and can be washed easily
  • On-off lever, plastic lead and the stopper make it easy to use without any mess
  • Slightly heavier

Mikono Honey Pot with Dipper and Lid CoverCapacity Champion

Mikono Honey Pot with Dipper

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Mikono’s dispenser is a jar that can carry up to 14 ounces of honey (6 ounces more compared to our previous products).

It is entirely made of glass, and the lid has a dipper attached to it. We usually see unattached dippers with honey dispensers, but this has different functionality. 

The Mikono dispenser is an excellent one since it does not require you to use two hands. Just open the lid, and you have the honey from the dipper attached to it. As a result, it can reduce the honey or maple mess that used to happen with old jars that had separate dippers. 

The non-toxic quality glass is good for keeping honey for a long time.

It also looks quite good on your table as you serve with it. However, when you compare this to our first two items, it does have a few drawbacks. For example, you cannot use it for sugar, and the design is not nearly good. 

If you prefer jars and drippers for honey dispensers and want it to carry more honey, this is for you. It can also be a preferred option since it is all glass and cleaning it is quite simple.

  • A huge capacity of 14 ounces (manufacturer recommend using 13.75 oz )
  • Premium quality non-toxic glass materials
  • This upgraded version of Mkono is cleanlier than the previous version
  • The stylish design is a great addition to the kitchen and dining
  • Perfectly fit in any occasion
  • The dipper is not long enough
  • Not a perfect dispenser, rather it’s a pot only

Jarware Jar Honey DipperTurn Your Jar into Dispenser

Jarware 82623 Jar Honey Dipper

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Jarware provides cheap, yet excellent products. This item is precisely not a jar but a dipper that can turn any mason jar into a honey dispenser.

The dipper is made of a mixture of durable and recycled plastic and PVC that is BPA-free. It is about 6” long, and I recommend a jar size of 16 oz. 

With this dipper, you do not have to worry about buying a new jar. It fits perfectly with the regular-sized cover of mason jars, and you can get your honey or maple syrup whenever you open the jar.

When you use this on your regular pot, the honey inside stays better because it can prevent the hygroscopic nature of honey. 

It is light, cheap, and does its job. Although you have to use it on the right-sized jar. When you screw the ring for fitting it to the pot, make sure to snap it with the cover of the jar for a tight fit. After that, your good old jar will become a honey dispenser. 

If you want to spend as few as possible and already have a maple jar, this could be the one. It is simple to use and wash and can save you a few bucks. 

  • Made of durable BPA-Free plastic and silicon
  • No Mess Design
  • Fits almost every regular mouth canning jar
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dipper only, not a dispenser, but you can turn your mason jar into a great honey dispenser by placing it

Beekeeper Glass Honey DispenserPerfect Alternative of Norpro

Beekeeper Glass Honey Dispenser

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The Glass Honey Dispenser from Beekeeper makes your life a lot easier. This product is very uncommon to its design as it is entirely made from glass with a beautiful honeycomb pattern.

It has a unique feature of dipping the object it contains. Plus, it can carry 8 ounces or 200ML of honey or any other syrup.

The attached dipper with this jar makes it a much more useful product than any other one that you might have had. This feature makes it easy for you to pour the honey without making a mess.

This product is so easy to use that you don’t even need both your hands to operate it.

The bottom flow functionality makes this product a unique non-dripping jar. The trigger notch opens up the bottom of the jar and lets you pour your syrup without getting your hands sticky or dirty. Using this feature, you get precise control over the pouring of the honey or your other maple syrups. 

If you want to get your honey single-handedly and don’t want this process to be long and messy, this is a good option. Just like the first two options, you will have a better experience compared to old-school dispensers. 

  • Rings are made of premium food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Dishwasher safe and stain resistant
  • 4 different colors for rings are available
  • Silicone is more durable than the traditional plastic ones
  • Filling the dispenser is a bit messy

Hunnibi Acrylic Honey Dispenser Pot

Hunnibi Acrylic Honey Dispenser Pot

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This item is almost entirely similar to our top product. It is the same type of Hunnibi no-drip honey dispenser. However, the significant difference is in the material and the price.

It can also carry 8 ounces of honey and comes with a stand. The design is the same, the pot looking like a honeycomb.

As I have said, the real difference is in the material. The acrylic dispenser is not made of glass. Both the pot and the stand are made of acrylic materials that are sturdy and look like glass. For using such elements in place of glass, it becomes way cheaper to purchase. 

Also, the material being non-toxic, there is not any sort of taste alteration to the honey or maple syrup you have kept. However, it does not look as pretty as the glass ones, which could be counted as a downside. 

If you really like the glass honey dispenser from Hunnibi but need a cheaper option, this one could be it. The price is way lower, and the item looks exactly like the glass version! 

  • Lighter than the previous version of this model
  • BPA Free acrylic materials
  • Elegant and fashionable looking
  • Multifunction
  • To compare with our champion product from the same brand this is not made of glass.

More Articles:

What Makes a Honey Dispenser Great – Buying Guide

Honey disposers may seem simple products, but there are a few things to consider. Otherwise, you will get a product that does not prevent the messiness of honey. If you have no idea what to get, make sure to check these critical aspects:

Functionality or Aesthetics? Or both?

Yes, the honey dispenser you are getting needs to work correctly, but since it is used for serving, aesthetics should also be considered. For example, the Hunnibi dispenser we mentioned serves you both. Keeping it on your breakfast table should look beautiful and also reduce the mess of using maple or honey. You can choose a glass honey dispenser with delightful textures to not only using it but also increasing the beauty of your house. 

Look for Non-Toxic Materials

If you keep your honey or maple syrup inside a jar made of cheap quality glass or plastic jar, there could be specific issues. Firstly, the taste of the liquid will be ruined. Then it will also become bad for your health. That is why you should look for BPA-free plastics and non-toxic glasses that can be good for keeping honey inside for a long time. If you know that material, it won’t matter if you are getting something made of plastic or glass. 

Do You Know about the Lid Material?

A lot of people prefer steel lid over chrome-plated plastic ones. However, if you use steel on top of a glass jar, there are possibilities of accidents. Chrome-plated plastic may not look good, but it does not affect the elements inside the jar and can also be quite durable. There are some lids made of glass, and they can be good looking and a good replacement of plastic. 

Attached or Unattached Dripper?

Attached dippers make your process more comfortable because you only have to use one hand. On the other hand, things can get messy when you are getting a honey dispenser that provides you a separate dripper. So, the attached drippers are clearly the better alternative. However, you can see that some attached drippers do not reach the bottom of the jar. So, make sure that you get the size of the dripper right before getting an attached dripper option. 

Do Not Overlook the Capacity of the Jar/Dispenser

Some jars are mostly for decorative purposes and cannot carry a lot of honey. As a result, you need to refill them a lot. Make sure the capacity of the dispenser is at least 8 ounces. 

Difference between Commercial Honey Dispenser and Household

Commercial and household honey dispensers are not the same. When it comes to the dispensers you use at home, you can get something made of glass and looks fancy. And if you are getting it for decorative purposes, you do not have to worry about its carrying capacity. 

On the other hand, the dispensers for commercial use are not usually made of glass. They can carry a good amount of honey. As a result, they do not have to refill it very frequently. You can see such dispensers in restaurants where they have a big jar. 

Final Note

Honey dispensers have made eating pancakes easier, and they come in handy during your breakfast. With the help of this thorough review and guide, I hope that you have all the necessary information on buying a honey dispenser. Even though they may seem like your simple everyday product, there are quite several variations, and you can choose the one that is suitable for you. 

Using this review, you can easily select a honey dispenser for your home or commercial use. No matter the use, make sure to follow the buying guide that will help you get the right product with the best rates. 

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