Best Mouthwash Dispensers of 2021 – Reviews and Comparisons

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Have you ever looked at your bathroom vanity and wished there was something you put your mouthwash in that would be decorative and attractive? I love to have things that make my home more attractive, and I also like things that are practical and useful.

I have been a homemaker/decorator for 40+ years. I have tried to create beauty in every room so that inside my home there is comfort, and things that make me feel comfortable. On my bathroom counter I have a soap dispenser, a toothpaste dispenser, a cotton ball dispenser, and a mouthwash dispenser.

I tried many different dispenser and the following 4 products are the best mouthwash dispensers out of the ones I tried. I use these, I own some of them, and I recommend them to family and friends. They also make great gifts for the holidays!

Best Mouthwash Dispenser 2021 Reviews

eBun 37-Ounce Mouthwash Dispenser Glass Pump Bottle

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This is an attractive dispenser that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can fill it with mouthwash, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, body wash, or just about any liquid. It makes a lovely shampoo dispensers sitting on the side of your tub.

This container is made from glass and plastic components. It has been safety tested and found to contain no lead or cadmium.

This unit holds 37 ounces so it does not need refilled frequently. That is a time saving feature. It also dispenses a precise amount which allows you to use less of the product it holds. Each pump will deliver ¼ ounce of a thin liquid like mouthwash and 1.5 teaspoons of thicker substances like hand soap.

The glass bottle is clear and has measurement markings up the side. You can easily see how much is in the bottle and judge how long you have before it will need refilled.

The clear bottle and white lid is attractive and compliments any décor or color scheme in your bath or kitchen area.

The glass portion of the dispenser can be washed in the dishwasher, but the plastic components should be hand washed.

  • Made of BPA Free, Lead and cadmium free materials
  • A fixed measure of 1/4 fluid ounce dispense for each pump
  • Can be used for soap, lotion and sanitizer dispensing as well
  • Large enough that you don’t need to pour the mouthwash several times a day
  • Smooth dispensing with no clog or drip
  • Made of strong glass
  • Easy opening and pouring
  • Stainless steel spring inside the bottle
  • Many users complain against the pump. According to them, the pump is made cheaply and sometimes not working properly. However, they don’t forget to mention the superb quality of the bottle.

The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser

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This dispenser is a glass container with a chrome lid. The lid is rounded and can be depressed with the palm of your hand. The dispensing spout is attached to the lid but is projected to one side.

The glass of this canister is lead free. The manufacturer has engraved mouthwash on the side of the bottle so there is no mistake what is in the container. Your guests will know what is in the decanter without asking.

This container saves you money and time. It dispenses a measured amount of mouthwash so less mouthwash is wasted. It eliminates spills and drips so you have less clean up on the bathroom counter and floor.

The clear glass allows you to see the contents so you know when it is time to refill. It looks very attractive and can be used in private homes for family and friends, or you could use it in a B&B or commercial location. It looks good with any décor, and just makes life a little easier.

  • Lead-free crystal decanter
  • Good for home and commercial use like dental office etc
  • A fixed measured drop for each press
  • Classy and elegant looking
  • Extremely overppriced

Crystal-clear Crystal Mouthwash Decanter Bottle

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This is a classic canister that adds beauty and elegance. It is made from high quality crystal and has a durable finish that will keep it looking beautiful and sparkling for years. It is weighted on the bottom so that it is hard to tip this canister over.  The glass of this unit is lead free.

The lid to the canister has a stopper that “corks” the bottle top when it is in place. The upper portion of the lid serves as a measured dispenser for the liquid inside. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

When the bottle in uncorked it is easy to refill it. It holds four ounces and will fit on most vanity tops. It stands 7.5 inches tall.

This is a beautiful piece that accentuates any décor. It makes a fantastic gift for weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, and more. This is just one of those items that create beauty and elegance in any surrounding.

OXO Mouthwash Dispenser

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This is mouthwash container dispenses a measured amount of mouthwash. It saves money because you get the perfect amount each time without spills and waste. You hold the container in your hand and slide the top section down to cause a perfect measure of mouthwash to enter the upper portion. The mouthwash is kept in the upper section by a valve that closes so that it cannot slip back into the bottom of the container.

This unit holds 12 ounces of mouthwash. It has a twist off top for refilling purposes and cleaning. To refill the dispenser you simply remove the top. This exposes a large opening that is easy to refill. That means you can buy those bulk bottles of mouthwash and save money.

This container is made from plastic and brushed nickel. It is less likely to be broken if it were to be dropped so it is great for families with children. The container is designed with ridges that make it hard for the dispenser to slip through your fingers.

This is a decorative way to keep mouthwash handy.

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Things to Be Considered for Buying Mouthwash Dispenser

Unlike any other products, mouthwash dispenser buying considerations are slightly different and sophisticated as this a matter of your health. Some points that you need to consider to purchase a mouthwash dispenser are:

Lead Free Material

A high level of the lead causes different health issues like kidney and brain damage. For daily use products, you should choose plastic that is lead-free. As most of the mouthwash dispensers are made of plastic they can carry lead which is dangerous for your health.

So, choose the dispenser that is carefully designed with BPA Free materials.

Other Factors

  • Dispensing Method: This is your preference. There are several different methods of dispensing available for mouthwash dispensers.
  • Holding Capacity: Again you will find several dispensers with different capacities. Choose the right one based on your needs.
  • How Much Dispense: Discharging too much mouthwash is not the desired option at all. So, choose carefully which models are dispensing the right amount of mouthwash that you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can you Use a Soap Dispenser for Mouthwash?

In some cases, you can use a soap dispenser as a mouthwash dispenser. This all depends on the dispenser and how the fluid is projected out of the unit. You should read the manufacture’s recommendations carefully, and make certain that a container is a food-grade unit so you do not ingest anything that could be harmful. Soap dispensers are not required to be made from food-grade materials.

Why Do You Need a Mouthwash Dispenser?

A mouthwash dispenser lets you keep the mouthwash bottle out of sight. It saves you money because it reduces spills and waste. It makes your vanity top look prettier because it adds a little touch of class to the surroundings. They also measure the amount provided so young children learn exactly how much of these substances they should be using.

Final Note

A mouthwash dispenser is considered to be a decorative item, but I am here to tell you that they are a product-saving item. They also save you from having to clean up a lot of spills and dribbles.

If you are looking for a dispenser that is great for a family with children then try the OXO 1452980 Good Grips Pump Mouthwash Dispenser. The container is plastic and less likely to break if it is dropped.

If you are looking for a dispenser that is elegant and unforgettable try the Crystal-clear Crystal Mouthwash Decanter Bottle-Countertop Bathroom Accessory Keeps Your Dental Hygiene Items Conveniently in Reach. This elegant style decanter adds a touch of class to any room.

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