Best Packing Tape Dispenser Reviews in 2021 and Buying Guide

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Packing tape dispensers are one of those tools that you never consider until you need one. When you are packing and sealing boxes you want the best packing tape dispenser so your job will be easier and finished quicker.

We asked professional movers and professional shipping company employees for recommendations on this kind of tape dispenser. They obliged us and told us which ones they use the most and what to look for when shopping for new dispensers.

Best Packing Tape Dispensers 2021 Reviews

1. Tape King TX100 Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

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It is very lightweight but has a heavy duty metal housing that secures the working mechanism and guards it from damage. It even has an ergonomic handle with a pistol grip handle that is easy to hold. It causes fewer hand cramps and muscle fatigue so it is a great tool for people who do high volume shipping or packaging.

Threading a new roll of tape onto the dispenser is super easy. You simply pull down the metal flap and thread the new roll-on, then put the flap back up and go back to work.

It has an adjustable brake so you have the ultimate control over the tension. You can package items faster and neater. The tape dispenser even comes with one roll of packing tape to get you started.

It is great for homes, small businesses, and large companies. The entire dispenser weighs only thirteen ounces and it measures 10” x 6.5” x 3 inches. It is fashioned from metal and plastic to create a durable and reliable product.

2. Scotch H180 Industrial Packaging Tape Dispenser for 2″ Tape

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This is a durable hand held packing tape dispenser that makes sealing packages easier and faster. If you have a large carton you do not have to lift the carton to put the tape on it, and you do not have to pull pieces of tape off the dispenser and try to keep the tape from getting fouled before you get it on the box.

You simply press the dispenser against the box and roll it along the seam so that equal amounts of tape are positioned on each side of the box seam. Then tilt the dispenser slightly to allow the cutting blade to cut the tape and you are finished.

This dispenser is light weight and can be operated with one hand so you have a free hand to do other things. It also has a tape brake that you can adjust so you determine the amount of tension that will be placed on the tape as it is being pulled from the dispenser.

Scotch Brand H180 tape Dispenser Instructions (PDF):

This tape dispenser can dispense two inch wide rolls of tape that hold as many as sixty yards on a roll. It is handy for homeowners when you are moving, storing Christmas, or winter items, and when you need to ship a package.

3. Tape King TX300 3 Inch Wide Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

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This incredible tape dispenser can handle three inch wide packing tape. You can use it to seal boxes for shipping, storing, and moving. You can even use it to dispense painters tape before you begin a paint project. It is versatile and handy to have in businesses and in private homes.

This tape dispenser is really easy to load. The tape slides in from the side of the dispenser so you do not come into contact with the cutting blades while loading the dispenser. That makes this unit safer to have around homes and offices.

This taping gun has a pistol grip handle that is comfortable to hold in your hand. You can do a high volume of packaging sealing in a short amount of time and your hands will not cramp because of the tape gun.

It makes clean cuts on the tape so you have smooth even pieces of tape that are not bunched up on the end. The blades are sharp so they cut through the tape quickly without you having to pull and tug.

You can use this device with just one hand so your other hand is free to hold the package, or keep the package from sliding from the table.

4. Scotch Shipping Tape Dispenser with 2 Rolls of Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape

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This packing tape dispenser is designed to accommodate the three inch rolls of tape. That is tape rolls with a three inch core diameter. It will apply the tape and leave a strong seal on the package. It is even capable of creating a strong seal that holds on the boxes made of 100% recycled paper products.

The adhesive on the back of the tape that comes with this dispenser is solvent free. It is extremely durable and it both seals and protects your package. The boxes you have a stronger because of the tape seal and no contaminants can enter through the box flaps.

This tape dispenser has a pistol grip that is easy to hold and handle. You can work through a large quantity of shipping boxes in a short amount of time. Your hand and forearm will not cramp due to the use of this equipment.

Two rolls of tape are included. The tape is designed to resist tearing and splitting so you only need one layer of tape not several.

The dispenser is easy to load and has sharp cutting blades that do not stretch the tape but cuts clean to leave a perfect edge. You can even use this dispenser to apply painters tape before your next painting project.

5. Foam Handle Tape Dispenser with Duck MAX Strength Packing Tape

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This hand held tape dispenser can be used with the majority of packing tape brands. It is super easy to use and super easy to load. You will love how quickly you can get the job of packing a box and sealing it completed. You can also use this handy device to dispense painters tape so the next painting project you have will be finished quickly.

The handle of this tape dispenser is crafted from antimicrobial foam. The foam cushions the grip so it is comfortable to hold the dispenser and the antimicrobial properties keeps germs from growing on the handle so you can safely share your equipment without worry of contaminants.

You will get one roll of Duck Max packing tape with the dispenser to get you started. The tape is a 1.88” and there are 54.6 yards of tape on the roll. This is tape that has the ultimate amount of adhesive qualities. It is actually one hundred times stronger than the common acrylic tapes.

The hand held tape dispenser is light yet durable. It has very sharp cutting edges that slice through the tape so the edges are even and you do not have to pull or tug to complete the seal.

6. Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading Tape Dispenser

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This is an industrial tape dispenser. That does not mean it will not be a great item for the private homeowner, industrial means that this item is built to last. It is designed to be heavily used and to provide precision results each time that you use it.

It is a side loading dispenser. That means that you do not have to come into contact with the sharp blades when you are loading the new roll of tape. You simply snap that new roll in place and get to business.

This dispenser can be used with the majority of tape brands. The tape roll you buy should be a two inch diameter roll. It has an adjustable brake so you always have control of the tension and that means you get better results with less work or worry.

The blades on this device are very sharp. They cut easily through the majority of tapes that are not reinforced. They can even cut through painters tape leaving crisp edges that are straight and even.

The device is light and has a pistol style grip that is very easy to hold. This grip gives you more control over the dispenser.

7. Officemate Heavy Duty Weighted 2-in-1 Tape Dispenser

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This tape dispenser is designed to sit on your desk. It has a place for the packing tape, a place for pens and pencils. You can even put other desk items like scissors and rulers in the convenient slots.

The base of this dispenser is weighted so it stays in position while you are using it. You can pull tape from the dispenser with just one hand while your other hand is holding that package.

This Dispenser will hold both 2 inch packing tape, and normal ¾ inch invisible tape in side by side dispensing slots. It is the perfect dispenser for your mail room, your office, and your home office.

Thirty percent of the materials used in the creation of this dispenser are recycled materials. The blades that cut the tape are sharp and will make clean cuts so the tape has even edges and your packages will seal completely and look nicer.

This dispenser requires no batteries, and it does not take up a lot of space on your desk. It weighs 5.72 pounds so it is not pulled off of the desk when you are pulling the tape and it measures 10” x 6” x 4”.

8. Packing Tape Desktop Dispenser Adhesive Roll Holder

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This is a handheld tape dispenser that easily holds packing tape rolls that are as wide as three inches. Most of the common tape dispensers only accommodate tape rolls that are 2 inches wide. The wider tape gives you the ability to cover the seams on boxes quickly with one swipe. You get a complete seal and maximum coverage with little effort.

The blade on the dispenser is very sharp and it is securely in place so it does not move or cause missed-cuts while you are taping. The grip is designed so that you can securely hold the tape dispenser without it slipping and without it causing muscle fatigue and hand-cramps.

9. MARSH – 922 Bench 2 inch Packing Tape Dispenser

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This is a tabletop packing tape dispenser that can accommodate rolls of tape that are as wide as 2 inches. The bench-style allows the dispenser to sit firmly on a tabletop or level surface and you do not have to hold it in your hand while pulling tape from it. The dispenser even has two holes that are meant to be used to permanently attach the dispenser to a workbench or table so it does not move or get lost.

It has very sharp blades that make precision cuts on all tapes that are not reinforced. You can use it with packing tape, masking tape, or painters tape.

The body of the dispenser is formed from 4 mm thick sheet metal. The metal is coated with an epoxy-polyester powder paint to give it an aesthetically pleasing bright finish. It is very durable and will provide accurate service time and time again.

This dispenser easily holds the large tape rolls that have a diameter of up to 5 ½ inches. That means it can keep a 220 yard roll of tape ready for you to use and within reach of where you are working.

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Buying Considerations for Tape Dispenser

Sooner or later we all need a tape dispenser to help us seal a box. If you seal a lot of boxes then you need a dispenser that is capable of handling high volume. Most people do not really know what to look for in a tape dispenser and wind up buying two or three that are simply junk before they finally find one that does the job right.

If you consider the following things when you are selecting your tape dispenser you should be able to choose one that will do everything you want it to do.


There are two basic styles of tape dispensers. You have the bench or desktop dispenser and the handheld dispenser.

The handheld dispenser is easy to use and allows you to seal a package where it is without having to pull tape from a roll and pray that it does not get tangled.

The desk dispenser allows the tape to be at your fingertips and ready to use.

Tape Size

The majority of package tape dispensers can handle tape that is two inches wide. There are some that can accommodate tape that is as much as three inches wide. Make sure you know what tape the dispenser can handle so you can decide if it will seal the majority of your packages.

Tape Varieties

Some of the packing tape dispensers can also be used to dispense other tape varieities, such as painters tape. Check the description of the dispenser to determine if the one you are looking at can accommodate different types of tape.


Most of the handheld dispensers are made from a combination of plastic and metal. Some of them are made from just plastic. You want a lightweight item, but certain sections of the gun should be metal for added protection.

Is it easy to load?

You want to buy a tape dispenser that is easy to load tape into. If you have to take a lot of time and go through a lot of steps to load the tape then your time is wasted. The side loading dispensers are the safest, and the easiest to reload.

FAQ on Packing Tape Dispenser

How much is a tape dispenser?

The average tape dispenser is under $15. You can buy dispensers that cost a lot more money, but you should pay attention and make sure that the extra money means extra quality and not just accessories like extra tape.

How do you put packing tape on a dispenser?

Loading the dispenser is going to depend on the style of the dispenser. Some of them load from the side and you merely flip down a holding pin and insert the new roll of tape. Some of them load from the top and you have to fold down a front section, load the tape and then flip the section back into place. Some of them are desk style and the tape just drops into the slot.

How do you load a Uline tape gun?

Uline is a brand name for a tape dispenser and they actually make dispensers that load from the side and dispensers that load from the top. Read the instructions that come with your dispenser to make sure you follow the exact recommended procedure.

Final Note

You probably do not ever think about a packing tape dispenser until you really need one. Pulling tape off of a roll and getting it neatly on a package is so much easier with one of these tools.

If you are interested in a desktop dispenser that serves many different purposes we recommend that you look at the Officemate Heavy Duty Weighted 2-in-1 Tape Dispenser, Recycled, Black (96660). It keeps your packing tape and your regular invisible tape handy on your desktop.

If you are looking for a handheld tape dispenser that is easy to use and comfortable to hold we suggest you try the Foam Handle Tape Dispenser with Duck MAX Strength Packing Tape, 1.88 Inch x 54.6 Yard, Clear (284984). It has a padded grip that makes it a pleasure to hold.

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