Best Rice Dispensers in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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My family is from Louisiana so rice is basically served at every meal. Keeping my rice dry and convenient is very important to me. Over the years I have tried many methods of storing rice, and the rice dispenser has become my favorite.

Rice dispensers come in different styles and I have tried many of them. The following are my favorite dispensers, and I own many of these units, or have purchased them in the past to give to friends and relatives.

Comparison Chart

Name Specialty Price Image

Aroma Housewares ARD-125

Aluminum Body

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Tayama PG-25 25kg

Bigger Capacity - 50 Pounds

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Farochy Rice Food Storage

Perfect for Smaller Family

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Slim and Smart

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TBMax Small

Oldschool Container

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Best Rice Dispenser 2021 Reviews

Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser

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This large dispenser will hold up to 22 pounds of dry goods. It is versatile and you can store dried beans, rice, cereals and grains inside it.

You can place this unit under your kitchen cabinet for storing. It has an easy to depress lever on the front that will automatically provide you with one cup of the beans or rice when it is depressed. It has a sleek design and allows you to buy in bulk so you save money, but takes the hassle of struggling with a 20 pound bag each time you want to get some beans or rice out.

It dispenses the dried beans or rice into a small drawer at the bottom. The drawer slides out so you can pour the contents into the cooking vessel. It has a funnel that allows the product to flow into the bottom drawer, and that funnel is designed so that it will not clog.

It keeps your dried goods completely sealed so moisture does not contaminate them and they are kept clean and free from pest infiltrations.

This unit measures 16.54” x 7.09” x 17.32” and weighs 7.98 pounds when empty. There is a clear plastic window on the front that lets you know when it is time to refill.

  • Sturdy Aluminum Body
  • Usable for both rice and other beans
  • Automatic measuring option
  • Portable – easy to fit anywhere in cabinet and under or above the counter
  • Store up to 22 Pounds of rice
  • Price is slightly higher than the quality

Tayama PG-25 25kg Rice Dispenser

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You can easily fill and refill this rice dispenser because the top lid is easy to remove. That leaves an ample opening for you to pour the rice into the container.

The unit stands 13” x 22” x 14” and has a clear plastic strip so you can see the level of rice inside the large portion of the dispenser. Knowing when to buy more or refill is easy with this visibility window.

This unit dispenses a measured amount of rice but you get to choose between ½ cup portions or 1 cup portions. The rice drawer at the bottom of the dispenser will hold a maximum of 5 cups of rice so you can always get the amount you need for small or large pots.

This device is easy to clean and care for. It is made of sturdy plastic and will hold up to 50 pounds of dry ingredients. You can use it to store rice, beans, cereals, grains, or even dry pet food.

It will protect your food and keep it fresher longer. It keeps moisture and bugs from being able to get to your food supply. It makes buying in bulk easier to do so it saves you money.

  • The storage compartment is quite big
  • The top lid is removable for easy access
  • Bugs and rodents protection
  • Slide Out Plate
  • Can be used for cereal, dog foods and beans as well
  • Manual dispense
  • High Price

Farochy Rice Food Storage Container Measurable Dispenser

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Keeps 22 pounds of rice and other beans fresh and dry. The design is smarter and minimal than our top 2 products, Tayama PG-25 and Aroma ARD-125.

With a measurement of 16.8 x 13.4 x 7.7 inch, you can easily place it to the cabinet, under or above the counter.

Using food-grade and safe materials this product is quite good for families with 2-3 members for its capacity, however, not ideal for larger families. The moisture-proof and anti-mite feature make it one of the top competitors of many other popular dispensers available.

It perfectly measures 150g/dispense with the rotating button so you don’t need to worry about the unbalanced diet for your families.

You can easily separate the 4 parts of this dispenser thus it can be cleaned without any hassle.

  • Food Grade PP materials
  • Safe and durable product
  • Noble flute top design for placing bottles
  • Pest proof and moisture-proof
  • Multi functional fran storage and dispense ( rice, grain,beans, oats, cereal, flour, corn, wheat, pet food )
  • A bit smaller

TBMax Small Rice Storage Container -5 Lbs. Cereal Dispenser

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This unit will hold about 5 pounds of rice, dried beans, cereal, or grain. It is made from plastic that is BPA free. It has an ergonomic grip built into one side so you can easily hold it without letting it slip through your fingers.

This unit has a pour spout that allows you to pour your dried ingredient into a convenient measuring cup. You get exactly the amount of ingredient you want each time. It seals tightly so moisture and pests cannot get inside your food. It keeps food fresher, and also eliminates spills, and waste.

The container is clear so you can easily see how much food is left inside it and know when to shop for more. The upper lid snaps on and can be totally removed so it is easy to refill when it is empty.

This container is small enough that it will easily fit in most kitchen pantries or in the refrigerator. It is made of a durable plastic, and is very easy to clean.

  • BPA Free
  • Food grade plastic
  • Leakproof and airtight
  • Transparent body with a clear view
  • Measuring Cup included
  • Portable handle for easy carrying
  • Very affordable price
  • A smaller amount of capacity
  • Completely manual dispenser

ASVEL Unix Small Measuring Rice Bin 12KG

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This rice dispenser reads its measurement in grams and kilograms instead of ounces and cups. It can store as much as 12 kilograms of short grain rice and has a clear window that has measurements marked on it so you can easily see the exact amount of rice that is left inside the container.

The white plastic body is slim and attractive. The unit seals tightly so your rice will be protected and stay fresher longer. It also eliminates the worry of bugs or contaminants getting inside the container.

The lever is a simple one touch lever that is easy to operate. The rice is dispensed in the bottom drawer of the unit, and the bottom drawer slides out so you can carry the rice to your cooking vessel.

This item weighs only 4.74 pounds when empty and it measures 17” x 16.61” x 7.72”. It has an attractive design and allows you to keep your kitchen cleaner, because it eliminates spills. It saves money by protecting your food, and it makes the job of measuring rice easier than ever.

  • Slim and Smart Design
  • Store up to 12kg of short grain rice
  • The super-automatic feature of one-touch dispense
  • Extremely higher in price

OXO 11125700 Good Grips Countertop Cereal Dispenser

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This is a versatile food storage dispenser. You can keep cereal, dried beans, rice, dried potato flakes, or any dried grain inside it. It has a tray at the bottom that will catch and contain any crumbs so your countertop stays cleaner.

It has an easy to remove canister lid that allows you to refill the unit without spilling. The lid seals tightly so moisture is kept out of the food and the food remains fresh for a longer period of time.

It has an easy to use lever that is spring loaded. When you depress the lever it allows the ingredients to be dispensed in a controlled manner. This reduces spills and waste. Your cereal goes farther and lasts longer. The lever is even located on each side of the canister so it is easy for right handed and left handed users.

It can hold up to five and a half quarts of cereal so you can buy your product in bulk and save money. The canister can be removed for cleaning and then it locks back into place so you can be sure that it will not fall and spill the contents during use.

  • Designed with a Trap-door opening
  • Usable for all kind of cereals
  • Spring-loaded levers for easy dispensing
  • 2 sided levers for both left and right-handed users
  • Need to remove canisters for cleaning

Rice Container Airtight BPA Free 5lb Capacity Cereal Storage Container

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This is a hand held container with a measuring cup and a convenient handle. The container is clear but measurements are clearly marked up the side of the container allowing you to easily judge the amount of rice, or dried goods that are left inside.

The plastic the container is made from is durable and BPA free. It seals completely so it is air tight and your dried food stays fresher and no moisture can get inside. It will hold about 4.4 pounds of rice or 2 kilograms. You can also store items like flour, nuts, beans, cereal, or any dry product inside.

It has a large lid that snaps in place so it is easy to remove when you need to fill the canister. It has a pour spout and a measuring cup that allows you to measure the precise amount of rice each time you are cooking. It eliminates spills and waste, and the slim design allows it to easily fit in your cupboard or inside your fridge.

  • Pour spout and Measuring cup included
  • Airtight
  • BPA free
  • Fit in refrigerator, pantry and cabinets
  • A container only not an automatic dispenser

More Articles:

How to Choose the Best Rice Dispenser?

Before you buy a rice dispenser you should consider a few things about these devices. You want to make sure that you are getting the best dispenser according to your needs and your budget.


One of the major considerations to a rice dispenser is the size of the container. You can get containers that hold up to 22 pounds of rice. You have to make sure that you have a place in your kitchen or pantry that is suitable for the dispenser you choose.

The size of the container can allow you to do things like buy in bulk, but you must be sure you have room for the unit.


The design of the dispenser makes a big difference. Some of these devices are designed so that you push a lever and a measured amount of rice is deposited into a removable drawer. Generally the measured amount is one cup but you can find dispensers that can deliver one half of a cup or one cup.

The measured disbursement system is very handy. They usually refill by lifting the top of the dispenser and pouring the rice inside.

There are also dispensers that are hand-held containers that have pour spouts on top of them. These dispensers may or may not have a handle for you to hold. You operate the dispenser by taking the measuring cup off of the top of the unit, uncovering the pour spout, and tilting the container so the rice pours into the measuring cup.

The pour spout style of dispenser is usually less expensive than the lever activated units. The pour spout style of dispenser will normally hold less rice than the lever activated units.


You want to get a unit that makes measurements in the way you are used to making them. You do not want a unit that disburses rice in kilograms if you normally measure by the cup, and vice versa.


You want to make sure that you get an item that is versatile. If rice is the only thing that can be stored in the dispenser then it has limited use in the kitchen. You want an item that can store a variety of dry goods.

Easy to Clean

From time to time you will have to clean the dispenser. You want one that is easy to take apart and clean. I prefer the ones that are dishwasher safe, but that is a personal preference.

Easy to Fill

You want a dispenser that has a large opening so it is very easy to fill when it runs out. The re-fill should be easy, and the container should seal tightly so it will keep out moisture and any possible contaminants.

How does a Rice Dispenser Work?

These dispensers either have a lever action that causes them to allow a measured amount of product to leave a main canister and enter a smaller container, or they are designed to be manually tilted so product pours out of the canister and into a measuring container.

If the dispenser is a lever action unit you will fill a large container with rice. When you depress a lever that is normally positioned on the side of the unit the large container will allow a measured amount to flow from it into a smaller container located at the bottom. Usually the small container is designed like a drawer and once the rice enters the small container you slide the container out to pour the rice into your cooking vessel.

The manually tilted varieties are normally designed with a handle on the side so they are easy to hold. They usually come with a measuring cup and they have a pour spout on the top of the container. You set the cup on your counter, uncover the pour spout, and tilt the container so the rice can flow out of the pour spout and into the measuring cup.

Final Note

If you are looking for a dry food dispenser that can handle up to 50 pounds of food then we suggest you look at the Tayama PG-25 25kg Rice Dispenser. It is versatile and can accommodate a large variety of dried foods and grains, and it allows you to select the amount that is dispensed.

If you are looking for a smaller container we suggest the TBMax Small Rice Storage Container -5 Lbs. Cereal Dispenser with Measuring Cup, Airtight Dry Food Container Bin for Pantry Storage Organization. It can hold as much as 5 pounds of dried food, and it is slim and will fit in most cabinet shelves or in your fridge.

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