How to Clean Primo Water Dispenser

You have a Primo water dispenser because clean, purified water is important to you. To make sure that your dispenser continues to provide you with clean water that tastes excellent and is bacteria-free you have to regularly clean your dispensing unit.

The manufacturer of your Primo dispenser recommends that their units be cleaned at least once every 90 days. That is once every three months or four times per year.

If you have the bottom fill dispenser that has self-sanitization features your cooler will clean and maintain itself.

These are the Most Popular PRIMO Water Dispensers

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Why Clean a Water Dispenser?

Many people wonder why they should clean their dispensers. They are simply running water through it, and the water was clean, so why should the dispenser need cleaning?

Water contains minerals that can leave deposits inside your unit. Those deposits can become problematic and stop the dispenser from functioning properly after a period of time. When you clean the unit, you remove any deposits that might have been left by the water you use.

Cleaning also sanitizes the unit and it deodorizes it at the same time. When water is allowed to sit in a container for any length of time it the container can begin to emit a foul odor. Cleaning regularly will eliminate any possible odor.

How to Clean Your Primo Water Dispenser

Step 1

Step 1 - Mixing the Solution

Make a cleaning solution out of bleach and water or vinegar and water. Vinegar is an effective cleanser but it does not kill as many germs as bleach. Vinegar can also have lemon juice added to it, and the lemon juice helps to reduce the vinegar odor.

Step 2

two gallon bucket

Assemble everything you need for the cleaning process. You need a bucket that will hold about 2 gallons of water. Plastic buckets with handles are the best choice because bleach can damage the finish on metal buckets, and the metal bucket can leave an after-taste to the water.

  • Two-gallon plastic bucket with a handle
  • A funnel to transfer cleaning solution to five-gallon water bottle
  • A five-gallon water bottle that is empty
  • Large plastic spoon with a long handle
  • Two-gallons of hot water
  • Two tablespoons of chlorine bleach (Optional)
  • Two cups of white distilled vinegar (optional)
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice (optional)
  • Phillips screwdriver 

Bleach Cleaning

To make the bleach cleaning solution you need two tablespoons of bleach that you can mix with 2 gallons of hot water. There is no need to boil the water you can use hot water straight from your hot water faucet in your kitchen or bathroom

Place the hot water into the bucket and then add the bleach to the water. Use the spoon to stir the ingredients.

Place the funnel into the water bottle and pour the cleaning solution from the bucket into the water bottle.

 Vinegar Cleaning

To use vinegar in place of the bleach you put the hot water into your bucket and then pour two cups of the white distilled vinegar into the hot water. Use the spoon to mix the ingredients.

By adding the lemon juice, you can reduce the smell of the vinegar in the cleaning solution.

Step 3

Turn the switch on the dispenser to the off position. Unplug the dispenser from the electrical supply.

Step 4

Remove the water bottle

Remove the water bottle that is on the dispenser.

Step 5

away from the wall

Position the dispenser away from the wall slightly so you can easily reach the back portion of the unit.

Step 6

Drain the water

Drain any remaining water from the dispenser. You can open the water spouts and run the water into a container.

Step 7

place the water bottle

Place the five-gallon water bottle that has your prepared cleaning solution in it onto your dispenser. Follow the same procedure you use when placing a clean bottle of drinking water onto the unit.

Allow the solution to fill the reservoirs. 

Once the reservoirs are filled with the cleaning solution allow the solution to sit undisturbed for at least ten minutes.

Step 8

Drain the reservoirs

Drain the reservoirs by opening the water dispenser spouts and using your cleaning bucket or a pitcher to catch the water in.

Step 9

Remove the empty water bottle

Remove the empty water bottle from the unit. Rinse the bottle out with clean water. Re-fill the bottle with clean warm water and place the bottle back onto the dispenser.

Step 10

Remove Water Through 
drain plug

On the back of the dispenser, there is a drain plug. Place your two-gallon bucket so that it can catch the water that will come from that drain plug. Open the plug and let the rinse water run through the unit.

Replace the cap on the drain plug. Now open the cold and hot water spouts and allow any water in the unit to be released.

Image Credit: From Step 3 to Step 9, all images are cropped and collected from the Primo Official Video:

Final thoughts

Place the unit back against the wall and plug it back in. Install a fresh bottle of water, and enjoy.

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