How to Fix a Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipped cream dispensers share something with all other tools and appliances that we use around our homes. Sometimes the dispenser simply does not do what we expected, and we have to figure out what went wrong so we can correct the issue.

This is one of the times when we relied on our professional chefs to help us troubleshoot the devices and correct the problems.

Common Dispenser Complications 

There are several things that could be causing runny whipped topping.

  • When you dispense the N20 charge into the ingredients in the canister you have to shake that canister for several seconds, and sometimes for several minutes to combine the gas with the cream fats. If you are not shaking the canister long enough the result will be runny whipped topping
  • If your dispenser has a leak it will not allow the full charge of N20 to be utilized
  • You may not be using the appropriate number of charges required for the size canister you have. A quart size dispenser will take only one or two charges, but a dispenser that is a one-liter unit may require as many as three or more charges
  • Your cream may not have a high enough fat content to produce the thick topping.
  • You are using C02 instead of N20.

How to Fix a Whipped Creamer

For the most part, there is going to be a small amount of whipped topping that simply does not come out of your dispenser. It may appear like there is a lot of cream in the bottom but generally, this is a very minute amount.

If you feel that too large a quantity of topping is not being disbursed check your head gasket and make sure it is working properly and has no cracks or blemishes.

You Hear Gas Escaping

When you first open the lid on the canister after whipped cream has been made you will hear a tiny puff of gas being expelled. This small amount is normal. If you hear gas escaping from the nozzle when you are not depressing the handle then you might have a problem with your head valve. 

Check to make certain that the gasket is properly placed on the unit. If you continue to hear gas leaking you may need to replace the gasket with a new one.

The Topping is not coming out of the canister

This problem is generally the result of an insufficient amount of gas. If you had an insufficient amount of gas there will not be enough pressure generated to expel the whipped topping.

This can also be caused by a clog in the dispenser. To remove the clog:

  1. Shake the dispenser again and see if the clog is dislodged.
  2. Run warm water over the nozzle for a few moments and see if the clog is dislodged.

The vast majority of all dispenser problems are caused by something simple. Always check your method against the manufacturer’s recommendations to see if you might be forgetting to do a simple step.

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