How to Open a GOJO Soap Dispenser

GOJO is the brand name of a fantastic hand cleaner. Mechanics and individuals that work with greasy components like automobile parts rely on this cleanser to remove the grease from their hands.

GOJO is packaged slightly differently than some of the other traditional hand cleansers you have used before. This is a dispenser that uses a cartridge to refill the contents when the container is emptied. This is convenient because you simply remove the cartridge that is empty and toss it in the trash. There is less mess when you use this dispenser configuration.

4 Most Popular GOJO Soap Dispensers On the Market

Opening the Dispenser

Before you can use a GOJO cartridge you have to have a dispenser designed to hold the cartridge. You are going to love the fact that this dispenser does not require a key to unlock it or allow you access to the interior supplies.

You simply position your hand or hands on each side of the dispenser. Gently squeeze the sides inward like you were pressing each side towards the other one. This motion will release the latch that keeps the dispenser cover closed.

The latch is located at the top of the unit. The first few times you open it that latch may be difficult to open so do not lose patience or get frustrated. The cover will open, and after a few refills, the cover will open easier.

Listen as you are squeezing to hear a click. The click is the sound of the latch releasing. Once you hear this sound you can pull the front of the cover downward. This cover should hang from hinges at the bottom. It will be completely out of your way while you are loading the cartridge and doing the rest of the work.

Replacing the Cartridge

Inside of the unit there should be an empty liquid soap packet if you have been using the dispenser. If you have not used the dispenser there will not be an empty liquid soap packet to remove.

Throw the empty packet away in the trash can.

Put a new liquid soap packet in the place where the empty packet was positioned. It is important that you position this packer perfectly or the soap will not be dispensed.

The opening to the packet should be pointed at a downward angle because the dispenser will apply firm pressure to the soap container and the soap is dispensed out the bottom of the unit.

Replace the Cover

Once the new soap packet is positioned inside the unit you can lift up on the cover and put it back in position over the front of the device.

Listen to hear the latch make an audible click when the cover is in position and properly latched into place. If you let go before you hear this click there is a chance that the cover will drop open and the soap packet will fall to the floor.

After you hear the click of the latch give a gentle, but firm, tug on the cover to make sure that you cannot open it easily. The cover should not open unless you squeeze in on each side. If it opens from you pulling at the top then the latch is not connecting properly.

Tips from the Pros

  • Wipe down the exterior of your GOJO dispenser regularly. The greasy hands that touch it leave residue behind.
  • When you are changing the soap packet, look at the opening where the soap is dispensed. Make sure there are no dried bits of soap or debris in this area that could stop the liquid soap from being dispensed.
  • Keep a good supply of GOJO refill cartridges on hand. You do not want to run out of hand cleaner and have to wait several days to get a fresh supply. When you are down to only two refills order your next shipment and you will always have soap handy.
  • You need access to water when using this liquid soap. Position the dispenser beside a fountain or sink so the workers have quick access to water.

Final Thoughts

GOJO is one of the premier cleaners used by mechanics, construction workers, saw shops, and small engine repair shops. Having one of these automatic soap dispensers filled with this powerful cleaner lets you have clean hands, and a cleaner workplace.

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