How to Thread a Tape Dispenser for Packing Tape – Step By Step Guide

Using a tape dispenser makes the work involved in sealing a cardboard box easier and faster. Whenever you have a lot of boxes to seal, like when you are storing Christmas decorations or when you are packing to move one of the handheld package tape dispensers allows you to properly seal the box, and it protects the contents.

Sooner or later you have to replace the roll of tape on the dispenser. That action is not actually difficult it just appears intimidating. Once you have changed the roll once you will be able to do this in just a matter of seconds.

Loading a Packing Tape Dispenser

Step 1

Check the package of tape that you have purchased and make sure it is the right width for the dispenser that you are loading. You also need to make sure that the tape you are about to load is not a reinforced tape because the blades of these dispensers are not sturdy enough to cut through reinforced tape such as duct tape. You want to have packing tape or painters tape to load into your hand held packing tape dispenser. You can also load masking tape of the correct width onto these dispensers.

On the upper right-hand segment of the packing tape dispenser, you will see a large dispenser wheel. You are going to place the new roll of tape onto that wheel.

You want the tape roll to be positioned so that the adhesive side of the tape is pointing downward when you pull the dispenser back.

Step 2

You are now going to tug the front of the tape roll through the space situated between the roller wheel and the metal tape guide.

You can hold the metal tape guide in an open position by pressing on the tab protruding from the guide. If everything has been properly positioned the adhesive section of the tape will be pointing downward and away from the cutting edge. If the tape is positioned so the adhesive side faces upward towards the sharp cutting edge the tape will adhere to the cutting edge stopping you from being able to terminate a tape run.

Step 3

You want to lightly tug on the tape so that the tape is situated over the top of the blade or sharp edge. You need to be careful when doing this because the serrated edge of the blade is extremely sharp like a razor and will cut your skin easily.

Step 4

Test the dispenser to determine if you have loaded everything properly. To do so you can pull a small amount of tape out and then pull the tape downwards against the blade to cut the tape section off. You can also press the dispenser against a box and pull backwards to roll a small section of tape off and then apply slight downward pressure to cause the cutting blade to severe the tape.

Step 5

You now need to adjust the tape tension. In the middle of the large wheel that the tape is on there is a tension adjustment. You adjust the tension until the tape rolls from the wheel in a smooth and fluid motion.

You should also be cautious when adjusting the tension to make sure so that your fingers and hand do not make contact with the cutting blade.

There are a few differences between different tape dispensers made by different manufacturers. It is best if you follow the instructions that come with the dispenser you own when you are changing tape or making adjustments to the tension.

This video of Duck Brand will help you to understand the whole process easily:

Always treat the dispenser gently because if you try to force the tape into position you can break your dispenser. If the roll of tape does not slip easily onto the wheel of the dispenser check to make certain that you have purchased the correct width that the dispenser can handle. You should also check to make certain that you have not purchased a roll that is the right width but has too many yards of tape on it for the dispensing tool that you have.

Do not let children attempt to change the tape in a packing tape dispenser.

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