The Best Automatic Pill Dispensers and Reminder Reviews in 2021

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When we are little out mothers keep up with any medications we have to take. They remind us to take our medicine at the right time, and they keep us from taking too much. When we are young adults the majority of us do not have a lot of daily medicine to take. As we age our medicines increase, and our memories get worse, so the problem of forgetting to take our medicine or taking too many doses of our medicine arises.

Pill dispensers allow us to know at a glance if we have taken our medicine for the day. The best automatic pill dispensers and reminders are the ones that are easy to fill, hold all the meds we take and are small enough to carry with us when we travel.

Best Automatic Pill Dispenser 2021 Reviews

LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

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This medication dispenser allows you to fill it with a 28 day supply of your medicines. That is much easier than having to refill your dispenser every 7 days.

Each of the slots on the dispenser is capable of holding as many as 18 pills. It has a removable carousel that is very easy to refill.

The dispenser comes with dosage rings that remind you how often you are supposed to take the medication in a given slot. There is a magnifier that makes the dosage information easy to read.

You can set the system with up to 6 alarm reminders. When it is time for you to take a medication the digital interface in the center will make an audible beep and then begin to flash. It will continue to flash until the medication is taken. To stop the flashing you must open the door for the day’s medicine and turn the unit upside down to spill the pills into your hand.

It comes with a locking mechanism that can secure the device so you do not have to worry about children accidentally getting into the medicine, or unauthorized people gaining access to the medicine.

This unit requires 4 AA batteries.

LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

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The 28 slots on this device ensure that medications that have to be taken multiple times each day are divided into separate compartments. There are convenient dosage rings that establish the medicine regimen.

The device has a locking back so once medicine is put into the compartments it cannot be tampered with. This prevents accidental spilling or overdose from happening.

The device can be programmed to buzz and alert you when it is time for a medication to be taken. There are four different tones to choose from to help you recognize what the alarm is telling you. When an alert is sounded it will be continuous for a period of thirty minutes until the medication is taken.

You have the option of placing up to 18 pills that are each the size of an aspirin in the compartments. The carousel spins when the buzzer sounds and allows the proper compartment to be accessed so the right medication is taken at the right time of day.

This device requires batteries to function. The top of the compartments can be pried open when it is not a scheduled time to take the medicine so keep this and all medication dispensers out of the reach of children.

MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser

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You will never have to worry that the battery that powers the flashing light of this dispenser needs replacing. The battery in this unit is rechargeable and the unit comes with an AC adapter that you can plug in to charge the battery up.

There are enough compartments on this device to hold 28 medication doses. If you take medications 4 times per day; then this device will hold 7 days of medicine at one time. Each of the compartments can hold as many as 9 pills.

There are two alarms on the unit. An audible alarm will sound and a visual flashing light will happen to help catch the attention of the person needing to take medicine. The audible alarm will sound continuously for 5 seconds then stop for one second and start again until the medication is removed from the correct compartment. The alarms can be programmed to sound up to 4 times each day.

This device allows caregivers to go about their daily tasks and know that they will not forget to give their patient the medication they require at the right time. They also allow you to establish medication for an elderly or forgetful person and know that they will be reminded when to take their pills.

Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer

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The compartments of this pill dispenser can be filled without removing the lids. The pills can actually be pushed through the top of the compartments so filling is easier than ever.

There are 14 compartments on this dispenser so you can fill medications that have to be taken up to twice a day. The containers are large so fish oil supplements and large pills easily fit inside.

The lids to each compartment are designed to be easily removed so people who have arthritis have no trouble opening them and getting their medication out. The containers are clear with colored lids. The clear container allows you to see the medication and the color coded lids let you know whether you are taking a morning or an evening dose of medicine.

You can easily pack your medication to take with you without having to take multiple bottles of medicine. The container prevents over dosage, and helps you to quickly see if you have taken your medicine or not.

There is a pill reminder App available for both Apple and Android devices that will alert you when it is time to take your medicine.

Ezy Dose (7-Day) Pill, Medicine, Vitamin Organizer Box with Weekly, Daily Planner

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This device has alarms on the device or it can be connected to your smartphone via an App. You will get an alarm on your phone to remind you when it is time to take your medication. You will not have to worry about missing doses, or trying to remember if you have taken your medicine that day.

The alerts on your phone can be set to multiple phones. If the person taking the medicine is elderly or young you can set the alarm to sound on a parent or caregiver device so you can always make sure your loved one is taking their medicine on time.

This pill dispenser can be set up with a weeks’ worth of medication. Each of the compartments can hold as many as thirty tablets that are the size of an aspirin. You have plenty of room for your medications in these roomy compartments.

The compartment lids snap firmly shut so the medication does not easily spill out if you are traveling. The lids are easy to grasp and pull open so people with arthritis have no difficulty using the device.

Med-E-Lert™ Premium Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser

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This dispenser has a locking lid that can stop unauthorized access to the pills. This feature allows you to rest assured that your patient is not going to take the pills before it is time and that children or someone else cannot access the medicine and remove the pills. When the programmed alarm sounds the right compartment lid will be easy to access so the pills can be removed.

There are six dosage rings available so you can set the medication up to allow your patient to take the right medicine at the right time. You can also program the alarms to sound up to six times each day so the medicine is taken at the right time each day.

There is clear lids for the compartment that allow you to easily see the medicine inside, or white lids can be put on that keep the medication discreet.

There are 28 individual compartments. Each compartment can hold as many as 18 aspiring size pills. A total of 504 pills can be placed in this unit. That accommodates medicines that must be taken two, three, or four times each day.

More Articles:

Importance of Pill Dispenser

When you take more than one medication each day it is very easy for you to forget a dose or take an extra dose. It is important that your maintenance medications like blood pressure medications, heart medications, and statins be taken on a regular basis so the amount of medicine in your bloodstream remains constant.

Having a pill dispenser allows you to have your medicine set up so you take the right amount each day at the right time. Your health is better and there are fewer incidences of overdose, or missed doses.

Buying Guide of the Best Pill Dispensers

Having a pill dispenser does ensure that you will take your daily medications correctly. There are many different kinds of pill dispensers and it is critical that you get the right dispenser for your medication needs.

Study the features that can be found in these items and then compare the ones you are thinking of buying with the medications that you take. You want a dispenser that can hold all of the medicine that you take, that is easy to refill, and you may want to get a dispenser that has an alarm or flashing light to remind you that it is time to take your medicine.


The unit size will be important. If you take medication three times each day then to accommodate a week you need a dispenser that has a minimum of 21 compartments.

You need each compartment to be large enough to hold the number of pills you take at one time. You can find dispensers with compartments large enough to hold as many as 18 pills.

If you take large pills like fish oil supplements you want to make sure to get a dispenser that has a compartment that can hold those medications. Most pills compartments that say they hold multiple pills are judging the number of pills based on the pills being no larger than an aspirin.


Alarms and alerts are handy ways to get your attention so you do not forget to take your medication. The alarms may be audible buzzers or they could have flashing lights.

Dosage Rings

These are sections that tell you what day it is and what dose of medicine you are taking. Some medications are taken two or more times a day and these rings allow you to see if you are taking a twice daily medication or not.

Clear View Lids

These allow you to see the medication inside the compartment at a glance. This is very convenient if the dispenser does not have alarms or reminders.

Locking Mechanisms

The locking mechanisms on these units are designed to stop the medication from being easily tampered with. Sometimes elderly patients will rearrange their medication in the compartments and end up taking the wrong dosages at the wrong times. The locking mechanism helps to reduce this possibility.


How does an automatic pill dispenser work?

Each compartment of the dispenser can be filled with medication that is supposed to be taken at a specific time of day. Some dispensers have timers and alarms that can sound to alert you that it is time to take your medication. Once the dispenser is opened and the medication is removed from the slot the alarm will stop sounding.

How do you set up a Livefine pill dispenser?

The Livefine pill dispenser has a locking mechanism that allows unauthorized access to the medication to be difficult, but not impossible. You take the provided key and unlock the unit, then remove the carousel and fill each compartment with the appropriate medication. Place a dosage ring that corresponds to the compartments on the unit and then place the carousel back into the unit. Lock the unit using the key and keep the key in a safe place.

Final Verdicts

If you are interested in getting a large dispenser that can hold up to 28 medicine doses, and 18 pill in each compartment consider the LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser with 28-Day Electronic Medication Organizer, 6 Dosage Templates, Easy-Read LCD Display, Sound & Light Alerts & Key for Prescriptions, Vitamins, Supplements & More. It has audible and visual reminders to show you when medication should be taken.

If you would like to have a pill reminder that works with your smart phone then we suggest the Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer – Sleek AM/PM Twice a Day Pill Box with Free Smartphone Reminder App and 7 Day Travel Containers (Large Enough to Fit Fish Oil and Vitamin D Supplements). The compartments are large on this device, and the App alerts you via your smartphone device.

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